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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11283018091555003808264128*Adam QuirkCroydon2021/2022North/East 2nd XI2 1Donvale
285301809155500380827185Adam QuirkCroydon2021/2022North/East 2nd XI3 1Plenty Valley
379742904155500380826479*Brodie L HarrisonCroydon2021/2022North/East 2nd XI2 1Donvale
475619987155500377187475*Mitchell BrookerCroydon2021/2022North/East 1st XI3 1Plenty Valley
562406984155500377186762William PlemingCroydon2021/2022North/East 1st XI2 1Donvale
661301826155500378361961David HowesCroydon2021/2022South/East 4th XI Division 23 1Elsternwick
755431732155500377186755Jake T MarnieCroydon2021/2022North/East 1st XI2 1Donvale
8541310831155500400961454Ryan M WebsterCroydon2021/2022U17B Sunday (N/E) - Brendan Smith Shield2 1Oakleigh
952887948155500380827152Matthew BeyerCroydon2021/2022North/East 2nd XI3 1Plenty Valley
10511201385155500400996751*Jackson D EdwardsCroydon2021/2022U15A (N/E) Sunday - Iain Giles Shield2 1Mt Waverley
1150887948155500378254150Matthew BeyerCroydon2021/2022South/East 3rd XI Division 22 1Donvale
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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