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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
111011096981515003149812110Max BradleyCroydon2019/2020East/West 2nd XI1 1Werribee CC
21044067361515003150887104Steven PhillipsCroydon2019/2020South/East 4th XI4 1Mt Waverley
31003018091515003149833100Adam QuirkCroydon2019/2020East/West 2nd XI4 1Yarraville
478352156151500314981278Jai BeatonCroydon2019/2020East/West 2nd XI1 1Werribee CC
5741000967151500315063074Nathan TaylorCroydon2019/2020South/East 3rd XI1 1Brighton
669352156151500314983369Jai BeatonCroydon2019/2020East/West 2nd XI4 1Yarraville
7681109698151500314983968Max BradleyCroydon2019/2020East/West 2nd XI5 1Noble Park
854702395151500314953754Taylor SamuelCroydon2019/2020East/West 1st XI5 1Noble Park
953723788151500315065153*James LuskCroydon2019/2020South/East 3rd XI4 1Mt Waverley
1052373768151500315086652Darren BerseyCroydon2019/2020South/East 4th XI1 1Brighton
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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