Croydon Cricket Club Code of Conduct

At Croydon Cricket Club, we think that it is important to have a set of shared values that run through the club and with which we can be identified. The Club has constructed 5 key pillars that will uphold the code of conduct for all players, supporters and members of the Cricket Club 


A Croydon person is committed to all aspects of the cricket club

  • On the field: We are committed to our teammates, to our preparation and to the contest itself. A Croydon player doesn’t waiver from the task they are assigned and makes every effort to complete it to the best of their ability. At Croydon we play hard but we play fair
  • Off the field: We are committed to our club, we are committed to all aspects of club life, including working with all other members to make it a stronger, more successful and thriving place
  • At Croydon we are all always in service to the club and therefore to all those who are members therein
  • As a player at Croydon, our sole purpose is to play for the club and for the 10 other players we walk onto the filed with
  • At Croydon every member is available to serve the club in whatever capacity they can and fulfil any role that the club needs from them
  • A Croydon member seeks to help others before they are ask to do so 



  • At Croydon everyone is equal and should be afforded the same respect and treatment at all times
  • At Croydon everyone is welcome and supported in any way the club can
  • At Croydon we respect our opposition at all times both on and off the field
  • At Croydon we respect the code of conduct and abide by it in every capacity that is necessary 
  • Respect for the game & it's officials

  • Respect for your coaches & teammates

  • Respect for your club
This club & it's past players and members have accumulated 125+ years of respect within the sport & the community. As custodians of this accumulated respect, the current members & players should be mindful that their actions & comments should only enhance the reputation of this club. [Respect - hard to earn, easy to loose]


  • All persons at Croydon have a responsibility to uphold their roles as well as assist in the roles and responsibilities of others around them
  • All persons at Croydon, from Committee to players to social members have accountability for their actions
  • All Members of Croydon will take on that responsibility for their actions no matter the outcome or consequences 


  • At Croydon once we are a member we are loyal to the causes that the club undertakes both on and off the field
  • A Croydon player is Loyal to his club and committed to the success of those around them
  • A Croydon person, through their service to others, is loyal to their fellow members in any circumstance and in any situation 



  • A Croydon member has the highest integrity at all times and looks to provide an example for their fellow members and Croydon on how to act
  • A Croydon person acts as a leader at all times for those around them
  • A Croydon person is steadfast in their principles even when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges 



Croydon Cricket Club Code of Conduct

  1. On-field conduct for players

    Players shall:


    1. Play by the rules of cricket, within the ‘Spirit of the Game’, as outlined by Cricket Victoria.
    2. Give their best at all times when representing the Croydon Cricket Club.
    3. Behave in a manner that reflects positively on the game of cricket, the Croydon Cricket Club, and the Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association.
    4. Recognise all good performances by Croydon and opposition players.
    5. Display self-control at all times
    6. Move immediately from the field when given out.
    7. Not argue with officialsAny dispute or complaint may only be addressed through coaches or captains and addressed via official club channels.
    8. Not use derogatory language based on gender, race or ability.
    9. Not verbally or physically abuse opposition players or officials.
    10. Be ready to start training at the appointed timeIf unavailable or late for training, players are required to notify coaches as early as possible.
    11. Be appropriately dressed for training and for games.
    12. Notify captains, coaches or selection panel of their availability to play each week in a reasonable timeframe prior to upcoming matches.
    13. Report ALL injuries to your coach or team manager.
    14. Pay all fees and subs by the due dateFailure to do so will result in players not being available for selection.
    15. Carry out reasonable instructions from coaches, managers or committee.
    16. Treat all equipment, whether it belongs to our club, another club, or a player with care and respect.
    17. Not consume alcohol during games or training or present to play or train in an intoxicated state.




  1. Off-Field conduct for players and supporters


    Players and supporters shall:

    1. Behave in a manner that reflects positively on the Croydon Cricket Club particularly when wearing club attire, representing the club at functions and at pre-season and end of season trips.
    2. Respect the umpire which includes: Do not verbally or physically abuse any umpire and do not dispute the umpire’s decision nor react in a threatening manner.
    3.  Not verbally or physically abuse any players or officials.
    4.  Not damage club property and its facilities including vandalism and graffiti.
    5.  Not use illicit and recreational drugs on the club’s premises. Immediate expulsion from the club will be enforced.
    6.  Refrain from making any public and/or media comment that is detrimental to the interests of cricket and/or stakeholders, irrespective of when or where such comment is made.
    7.  Adhere to smoking restrictions.
    8.  Attend and participate in club run events.
    9.  Be prepared to volunteer to assist the running of the club.