Club Committee Roles


Having an effective club structure is important to become a successful club. Our committee is responsible for managing the club on behalf of its members. Click here for details on the current committee.


The role of the President is:
  1. To chair the Committee meetings and act as a figure head for the club at the appropriate occasions.
  2. To ensure that the Committee structure has been put into place and areas of responsibility have been allocated accordingly
  3. To ensure club policies are followed and adhered too.
  4. In conjunction with the Committee, appoint the Club Coach & Club (1st XI) Captain
  5. To represent the club with local authorities


The role of the Secretary is:

  1. To manage all official external correspondence to and from the Cricket Club including
    • Any emails that are sent to the club regarding its function, governance and activity must be sent to the relevant people
    • All payment summaries, financial statements, invoices must be sent to the Treasurer and President
    • Any correspondence in or out of the club must have the President CC’ed or notified in some form
    • Any Council information or correspondence must be forwarded and given notice to the Facilities manager and Council Liaison Officer
  2. To manage all internal communications within the Cricket Club
    • Notification to Social Media managers to advertise upcoming events on clubs calendar
    • To create a club calendar in liaison with Social Committee and President for the upcoming season
  3. To take and distribute the minutes of each Committee meeting to the Committee members.
    • Minutes must be formulated and sent out to all committee members at the completion of the meeting
    • Minutes from the previous meeting must be sent to all
    • A reminder for the next committee meeting must be sent in some form to have all committee members notified at least 1 week prior to the meeting for opportunity to bring forward anything to place on the agenda
    • Minutes from the previous meeting are sent 1 week prior to a new committee meeting
  4. Ensure all appropriate club insurance is in place.
    • Liaise with President, Treasurer and club delegates to contact Sub-District Association for any Insurance issues or notification for payment of Insurance
  5. Ensure all club details are up-to-date in MyCricket.
    • Preseason: After the completion of the AGM and the new committee installed all details of committee and representatives need to be placed on MyCricket
  6. Ensure all club MyCricket access roles are updated.
    • Once Captains and committee have been decided for the next season at the AGM then access needs to be granted to them to MyCricket
  7. Ensure all players are registered in MyCricket.
    • Preseason: Be in contact with all players about player and contact information and whether their details have changed for mycricket purposes
  8. Ensure all members details are maintained in the MyCricket registry.



The role of the Treasurer is:
  1. To maintain records and control all the money coming into and paid out of the Cricket Club accounts and ensure it is all receipted and accounted for.
  2. To provide a financial report to each Committee meeting and for the annual report.
  3. Responsible for preparing a Budget to ensure expenditure and income levels are understood.
  4. To ensure all players & members are financial as required

VSDCA Delegate

The role of the VSDCA Delegate is:
  1. To represent the Cricket Club at the Association meetings.

General Committee

The role of the General Committee Members includes, but are not limited to, being responsible for or assisting in the following areas:

          Director of Cricket 

ROLE (includes the following):

  1. To oversee all onfield activity of the Croydon Cricket Club


  2. To Liase between the coaching staff and the Committee on needs of the playing group as well as developments and appraisal of performance


  3. To Assist in the process of hiring players to the club and to investigate prospective players for the future


  4. To Assist in the process of hiring coaches including head coaches and to investigate prospective players for the future


  5. To Assist in the nomination and appointment of leadership amongst the playing group including club captain as well as XI captains


  6. To be the direct line of contact from coaches and players to assist in any issues in the playing group or the coaching staff


  7. To report to the committee on the progress of the playing group and performance both on the field and at training 

   Merchandise/Equipment Manager

RESPONSIBILITIES (including but not limited to)



  1. Obtain match & training equipment as agreed by the committee.
  • All Match Day Balls have been purchased for the season
  • Reviewing purchases of cricket balls throughout the season and assessing the needs of the club as the season progresses
  • In contact with Treasurer and President on requests for any equipment outside necessities for the season e.g. new stumps, training balls etc.



  1. Prepare merchandise inventory, merchandise sales & planned merchandise purchase reports for committee review
    • Monthly stock take of all merchandise/clothing must be done for Treasurers records
    • Keep an electronic/hard copy record of stock on hand at all times at this must be reviewed once a month
    • Research for new clothing opportunities as well as savings for club finances
    • Plan during the preseason for the needs of the club’s players and be in constant contact with new players about clothing requirements for the season
    • Make sure all players understand the basic clothing requirements for the season and what they will need
    • Plan for JG Craig apparel with JG Craig representative and coach for Carnival
    • Constantly reviewing stock, purchase prices and availability to players
  2. Issue receipts on sale of merchandise
    • Customer copies are either distributed to recipients or are kept for records
    • All receipts are to be kept unless customer copies are requested for financial records
  3. Ensure all merchandise sales takings are distributed to the Treasurer in a manner that is acceptable to the Treasurer







RESPONSIBILITIES (including but not limited to)


  1. Ensure the appropriate liquor licensing is in place.
  2. Ensure all liquor licensing conditions are met.
    • Proper Signage is up every year and is up to date
    • Liquor License is clearly on display in the bar
  3. Organise all bar stock, bar staff (by roster) and accounts relating to the bar including maintaining a record of stock purchased.
    • Keeping all receipts for the current season.
    • Monthly(or sooner) stock-take to be completed for treasurer’s financial report
    • Buying alcohol and product for the bar continuously
    • If purchases are done with cash, then notification to treasurer must be done immediately for records
    • End of Season stock-take with football club and organizing handover with football club bar staff
  4. Ensure the bar is open, appropriately stocked and staffed during the required hours as specified by the Committee.
  5. Ensure all bar takings are distributed to the Treasurer in a manner that is acceptable to the Treasurer.
  6. Liaise closely with the Treasurer in relation to the commercial function of the bar.
    • Updating on Stock particularly near the end of the season
    • Sit down with Treasurer to go through Bar-takings for the season and to review sales
  7. Ensure that the bar activities are managed by the appropriate number of people that hold a valid Responsible Serving of Alcohol License.
  • Before the beginning of the season all those with a current RSA are to have copies available for the club’s possession to be held with all other licensing materials 


RESPONSIBILITIES (including but not limited to)


  1. Plan, organise, promote & manage social & official club events.
    • Be in consultation with president and committee in relation to social calendar and events
    • Report to Committee on events, when they are to be held
    • Be in consultation with Secretary and president on creation and distribution of Club Calendar for season
    • Consultation with Social Media Manager to advertise events well in advance of dates provided
    • Review all social events for future improvement for greater social and financial gain for the club and all its members
  2. Ensure all event takings are distributed to the Treasurer in a manner that is acceptable to the Treasurer.
  • Be in consultation with Treasurer about spending for social events
  • Create a budget and proposal for social events in advance of the said event
  • This includes projections for profits of the day
  • Action plan on how to attract people to events 




RESPONSIBILITIES (including but not limited to)


  1. Participate in start-of-season/end-of-season facilities handovers
    • In charge of the collection of all keys at seasons end ready for handover
    • In charge of the distribution of keys at the beginning of the year and recording of this distribution
    • To communicate with council and committee on any repairs that need to be completed by themselves or council for handover
    • Have an outline of any changes, repairs that have been completed by the club
  2. Ensure all required utility services are in place
    • Coordinate with council to have all utilities checked and fixed if necessary and liase on repairs and financial reimbursement
  3. Ensure that the standard and cleanliness of the facilities is maintained throughout the season.
    • Communication with playing group on standards that need to be set in cleaning the rooms
    • In charge of making clear to playing group jobs that need to be completed on and after game day to maintain standards in the rooms
    • Ensure any changes, repairs to the rooms are recorded and notification to the council has been given well in advance of start time
  4. Decorate the facilities appropriately with Flags, Photos, Scorecards, Honour boards, Furniture and other appropriate decorations.
  5. Ensure kitchen/bathroom/first aid kit stock levels are maintained.
  6. Co-ordinate facilities access for all required members and players.
  7. Co-ordinate the hire of facilities.
    • In contact with Facebook administrator to advertise the rooms for hire and usage
    • Coordinate staffing for hiring of the rooms
  8. Liaise with council on facilities maintenance activities.
  9. Liaise with the council in relation to the use and preparation of the grounds, the turf wickets, and the training facilities (including turf wickets).
  10. Updating committee on planned works, changes to rental agreements
  11. Negotiation with Council and Football club on proposed changes and availabilities of rooms
  12. In discussion with council about the needs of Croydon and its facilities
  13. In contact with Club Coach in regards to the standard of the facilities in particular the ground and training facilities i.e. Turf Wickets 


  1. Ensure all appropriate club insurance is in place
  2. Ensure all club details are up-to-date in MyCricket
  3. Ensure all club MyCricket access roles are updated
  4. Ensure all players are registered in MyCricket
  5. Ensure all members details are maintained in the MyCricket registery


  1. Teams/Matches
    • Make sure that all players are registered with the club and be in contact with the Club Organisational manager for any player registration issues
    • Make sure that all Croydon teams are loaded into the system


  2. Ensure all senior team selections are entered appropriately in MYCRICKET
    • Consult with the Club Coach for teams on a Thursday Night
    • All team selections must be entered before the Association Deadline


  3. Ensure all senior match results are entered appropriately in MYCRICKET
    • Send out reminders to all club captains about the need to update match results on completion of the day’s play
    • Make sure all captains are aware of Association rules regarding updating scores, phoning scores through and when this should happen by
    • Make sure a list of MYCRICKET instructions for Captains/Scorers is made for the season proper and added to the scorer’s kit
    • To Consult with the committee on matters regarding fines and any issues that may arise because of a lack of cooperation from Captains on there MYCRICKET duties


  4. Ensure all senior match disputes are actioned appropriately
  • Be in contact with club coach/captains on any disputes
  • All correspondence to and from the club on disputes is done through this position bearer

                          WEB Site

  1. Ensure the club WEB site & the information contained therein is maintained
 Social Media Manager 
  1. Ensure the club PUBLIC FACEBOOK page & the information contained therein is maintained.
    • Mission Statement is up to date and explanation of the club and its purpose is correct
  2. Ensure that the page is utilised positively to promote the club and it’s supporters.
    • Provide sponsors with a forum to further advertise their businesses
    • Be in constant contact with the sponsorship team about utilizing the page as a place for sponsors to further business opportunities
    • Looking to constantly use the page to update members on the social functions as well as fundraising and sponsorship opportunities
    • Weekly updates on the performance of all teams as well as any special achievements
    • Updates on club games, where teams are playing and to further advertise the club to gain public interest in its performances
  3. Reserve the right to remove content if deemed inappropriate.
  4. Adding ‘friends’ to the page.
  • Sharing the page and ensuring all members at the club are sharing with other ‘friends on Facebook’
  1. Ensure the club TWITTER ACCOUNT & the information contained therein is maintained.
  2. Ensure that the account is utilised positively to promote the club and it’s supporters.
          Sponsorship Team 

RESPONSIBILITIES (including but not limited to)



  1. To maintain communication between the Cricket Club and Sponsors for the purpose of;
  • Nurturing a healthy relationship with Sponsors
  • Providing regular updates on club developments (both on and off field) and thus informing Sponsors of the impact of their financial support.
    • In consultation with Social Media Manager and Secretary to get information on club activity out to sponsors (Adding them or their business to our contact list)
  • Ensuring that Sponsors are broadly thanked for their support.
  • Organise any specific thank you for sponsors, gifts, correspondence on this subject etc.


  1. Plan, organise and execute strategies to obtain club sponsors.
  • Constant contact and communication with President on Sponsorship program and initiatives
  • Organise Initiatives with club and staffing and or assistance for said initiatives
  • Liaise with Treasurer about invoices and financial statements that need to be made for potential sponsors
  • Develop Sponsorship packages for potential procurement that assess and deliver on the needs of the club as well as the potential sponsor


  1. Management relationship between club and sponsors.
  • Organise contact details between club, president and sponsors for further communication
    1. Ensure that club is aware of expectations of sponsor.
  • Ensure that packages that have been developed for sponsorship have been explained to the committee before being brought to potential sponsors
    1. Implement strategies to best ensure that expectations of sponsors are met.
  • In creating sponsorship packages, develop ideas that are fulfilling the needs of the sponsor and providing them with reward as well as donation to the club