VSDCA Club Annual Reporting




These guidelines been prepared as a guide for clubs when compiling their Annual Report.
Not all of these items will be appropriate for all clubs, and there may be other items that you may wish to report on, but the Executive is encouraging clubs to include as much detail as possible
  • Association Major Sponsors
    • Mandatory that you recognise and thank Kookaburra Sports, Legends & Heroes etc for their support. If you wish to thank other support sponsors that is fine, but you must thank our major sponsors. All clubs would know it is difficult to attract sponsors so it is important to acknowledge them.

  • Junior Development Programs
    • In2cricket, development or expansion of under-age sides.

  • Community Programs
    • Good example has been Altona & Moorabbin C.C.s involvement with the All Abilities Cricket Carnival.

  • R M Hatch Competition
    • Summarise how your side performed. Mention if your club hosted Hatch Final.

  • Legends & Heroes T20 Twilight Competition
    • Emphasise the competition is all about having fun, making more use of our facilities and trying to engage the local community. Many clubs adopted an innovative approach by using lights, guest players (name them), coloured clothing with additional exposure for your clothing sponsors.

  • Premierships & Trophies Won
    • Highlight any Premiership successes along with any other trophies won by club and individuals i.e. Spirit of Cricket, Pitch Awards, Club Championship, Hatch Medal etc

  • Hosting of VMCU Matches
    • Each season up to 6 clubs host matches.

  • Country Week
    • State names of sides and division of games that you hosted (all clubs were sent a copy of draw). Some clubs hosted Finals.

  • Golf Day

  • VWCA

  • Players selected in Representative Side
    • Recognise the effort of the player/players from your club who made themselves available to represent the Association. Mention if your club hosted Representative Game.

    • Thank them for their contribution. Many of you have Club Umpires who do a tremendous job in the lower XI’s.

  • Local Government
    • Thank them regardless of their level of support. There is always at least one person at Council that provides clubs with assistance with grounds, pavilions etc.

  • Ground Improvements
    • Throughout reporting year you may have had new practice facilities built or extended, new or additional turf pitches installed, pavilion upgraded etc.

  • CV 50 Year Service Recipients
  • Financial Statements
    • Financial Statements are to be presented in the format as requested by Association Treasurer (in conjunction with Cricket Victoria).

  • Club Membership - specific details for each membership category must be shown:
    • Life Members (Non-Playing Male & Female).
    • Social Club Members (Non-Playing Male & Female).
    • Senior Male – Playing Members (including Life Members).
    • Junior Male – Playing Members (excluding boys who only played “RM Hatch”.
    • Of these Junior Male Members – the numbers who also played Senior Cricket with you.
    • Senior Women – Playing Members (including Life Members).
    • Junior Women – Playing Members.
    • Of these Junior Women Members – the numbers who also played Senior Women’s Cricket with you.

  • Acknowledge VSDCA Executive
    • Important to acknowledge the work Executive Members undertake on behalf of the Association.

  • Presentation of Report
    • The Executive would like Annual Reports to be bound or stapled, preferably with a hard cover and ensure your ‘Incorporated’ status is displayed as part of club name i.e. Altona Cricket Club Incorporated (or Inc.).