Club Umpires

Club Umpires MUST complete all Forms as per Rule 20.5 of the Handbook and forward them as instructed by that rule in the Addressed Envelopes which are supplied by the Association to The Secretary, VSDCA
  1. VSDCA Umpires Match Report:
  2. Umpires Ground Inspection Report:
  3. Calculation Sheet: PR 17.2.2 (for 1 day games)
  4. Best Player Award Voting: (voting cards supplied by VSDCA)
    • 1 SET OF VOTES ONLY for the game, in other words if there are 2 x Umpires officiating in a game then they must come to an agreement between them on who they are awarding the votes to on a 3,2,1 basis.
** Also the Teamsheets from the 2 x teams must be included in the envelope.