2014-15 H.J. Critchley Medal Night

Aaron Walter has won the 2014-15 H.J. Critchley Medal with 17 votes. A packed pavilion saw life member Ron Critchley present Aaron with the medal The runner Read more

Prez XI v Lifers XI T20

The CCC royalty who provided a wonderful spectacle at the inaugural Prez XI v Lifers XI T20 match Read more

1 Daniel K Giblin130South/East 2nd XI4
2 Blake Walter126South/East 1st XI5
3 Aaron Walter121South/East 1st XI1
4 Cameron Johns114South/East 4th XI10
5 Michael Ashton114South/East 2nd XI12
6 Adrian Brush100South/East 3rd XI12
7 Cameron Vos96South/East 3rd XI5
8 Michael Ashton93South/East 2nd XI4
9 Blake Walter91South/East 1st XI13
10 David Howes88South/East 4th XI6
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