Return to Train and Play
Date of Event Croydon Cricket Club : Thu Sep 24, 2020 7:37PM

Key Message - “Get in, Train, Get Out”


NOTE - The following information is dependent on the Government, Restrictions and changes may be made to the protocols being delivered in this presentation





  • Groups of 10 are allowed in each training session
  • Maximum of 30 at training - 10 in the nets, 10 at one end of the ground, 10 at the other
  • No swapping between groups for the night, your group is your group for the whole evening
  • All social distancing must be adhered too - No High fives, handshakes, pats on the back, fist bumps etc. (No Physical contact)
  • No sharing of any items at training (Make sure you have everything you need to train personally)
  • Everyone will use one ball each for bowling purposes each training
  • Club change rooms are closed at this time (no access)
  • No spitting or clearing of nostrils at training
  • No spitting or using saliva on the ball
  • Face masks to be worn by all who are not engaged in training but are in attendance
  • As stated 10 players to use the nets at one time - Example: 3 nets (two can be bat vs ball nets, one in between can be used for one-on-one throw downs
  • All Training Equipment must be wiped down before and after training (wipes to be provided)


Training Attendance - How do we keep track of everyone??

Must be on register when arriving and being involved in every session. This will be available in two forms - Electronic (preferable) and Paper copy (if needed as backup), Hand sanitise available on entry 


Game Day

  • Masks - on unless out on field (Batting side need to wear masks while in the shed) + Social distance at all times
  • Match ball - only to be touched by players,  umpires have no involvement
  • Hat, sunnies, jumper - cannot be given to an umpire to bowl, keep over boundary or placed 3m behind umps
  • Coin toss - done by person bringing coin (Maybe have one handy as captain just in case)
  • No communal arvo tea - everyone must bring their own food and drink for the day
  • Physical team-sheets - done but not physically given to umpires or opposition - (Photo taken and looked at or held up for the Umpire to take a photo)
  • Scorers - will need to wear masks whilst completing this task
  • Kit bags - to be kept outside with players as room access is not guaranteed



Additional information is available in the club's covid policy or this  attachment 


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